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Shutter Precision Rim Brake Hubs


Shutter Precision dynamo hubs have high efficiency, are lightweight, and are affordable. Low drag, 2.4W or 3W power rating depending on model (lower power has less rolling resistance but hits full power at a higher speed), and industry leading weights. 9mm quick release axles.

- PV-8: 3W power rating
- SV-8: 2.4W power rating
- SV-9: ultra small/ultra light dynamo hub with 2.4W power rating

Complete wheels available upon request. Please contact us for further info. See other pages for compatible lights and USB chargers.

Choose one of the following options from the drop down menu below:
- PV-8, black, 32H
- PV-8, black, 36H
- PV-8, silver, 32H
- PV-8, silver, 36H

- SV-8, black, 32H
- SV-8, black, 36H
- SV-8, silver, 32H
- SV-8, silver, 36H

- SV-9, black, 32H
- SV-9, black, 36H
- SV-9, silver, 32H
- SV-9, silver, 36H