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Lauf TR275 Leaf Spring Fork


Lauf's unique "softtail" forks combine the light weight and maintenance-free qualities of a rigid fork with the improved comfort of a traditional suspension fork. Carbon fiber body with impact resistant glass fiber leaf springs keep the weight down and durability high. Leaf springs are not affected by temperature or trail conditions. The low weight makes this an ideal cross country racing fork, and the lack of maintenance makes it a great choice for bikepacking or extended back country adventures.

The Lauf Trail Racer 275 is a full composite suspension fork for 27.5" XC hardtails. Tailored for XC racing with super sensitive small bump compliance, zero maintenance, and a 5 year warranty.

Lauf TR275 Specs

Weight: 990g (2.18lbs)
Travel: 60mm (2.35")
Wheels: 27.5"
Tire clearance: 2.35"
Rake: 46mm
A-C: 465mm
Axle: 100 x 15mm
Steerer: Tapered
Min. rotor: 180mm
Max rider weight: 110kg (243lbs)
Choice of standard (rider over 65kg) or light (rider under 70kg) springs

Choose one of the following options from the drop down menu below:
- Naked Matte, Light Spring
- Naked Matte, Regular Spring
- Naked Glossy, Light Spring
- Naked Glossy, Regular Spring
- Full Red, Light Spring
- Full Red, Regular Spring
- Full White, Light Spring
- Full White, Regular Spring
- Carbon Red, Light Spring
- Carbon Red, Regular Spring
- Carbon White, Light Spring
- Carbon White, Regular Spring

* Current lead time is 2-3 weeks *