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Gilles Berthoud Rohloff Shifter for Drop Bars or Mountain Bars


Twist shifter for Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 gear hub designed to fit on drop style road handlebars. The Gilles Berthoud shifter mounts on a standard 24mm diameter road handlebar. Made in France with laser etched gear numbers and GB logo.

See image gallery for comparison of the 3 road bar shifter options we currently offer - Co-Motion, Gilles Berthoud, and stock Rohloff shifter on Hubbub adapter.

Please select one of the following options from the drop down menu below:
- Silver - 23.8mm for Drop Bar
- Silver - 22.2mm for Mountain Bar
- Black - 23.8mm for Drop Bar
- Black - 22.2mm for Mountain Bar

- Works best on bars with sleeved construction such as Nitto, where the shifter can slide all the way against the sleeve.
- This shifter only fits on 23.8mm bar diameters. On bars that bulge to the stem clamp diameter, the shifter will stop where the bulge starts, often in the middle of the "tops" position.
- Bars with brake cable channels formed in them often have a clamp diameter larger than 23.8mm, which requires some modification of the shifter clamp insert (filing or sanding) to fit.
- Use of "cross top" brake levers is generally not possible with this shifter.
- Shifter diameter is smaller than Co-Motion shifter.
- Does not include shift cables