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Syntace P6 HiFlex Carbon Seatposts

$250.00 - On Sale

Feel the difference: small but profound.
The Syntace P6 Carbon Hi-Flex now offers twice the shock absorption capabilities in the riding direction as previously. Without loss of riding control and with improved oscillation damping and directional stability even when drifting around corners or when hitting harsh ruts. In comparison to the previous P6 Carbon the comfort has once again been improved noticeably while also providing a bob damping mechanism for full suspension bikes.

Infinite, perfect micro-adjustability.
The two-bolt micro adjust is simply the best AND most precise angle adjustment. In the Syntace P6 we combine it with the best accessibility of bolts and real 30° pivoting range.
The cold-forged 3D head is already positioned horizontally (contrary to extremely expensive “simple constructions”). And: the bolts are positioned absolutely symmetrical, exactly in the direction of force. This way it stays bomb-proof even under high loads with less weight.

Super-narrow 30mm support on top.
The Syntace Extended Seat Adjustment design offers lots of adjustability back and forth. The key: only the stop-edge offset in relation to the middle axis defines the real offset of a seatpost, so we made the upper clamping part of the Syntace super-narrow. Because the further back the limiting Stopp-edge is located, the further you can slide back your seat.

Extra-wide 52mm support on the bottom.
The asymmetrical backwards extended seat support - Extended Rail Support - offers lots of support for the seat rails. With these far extended booms it is finally possible to use seats with light titanium rails off-road - without bending or breaking them.

Select one of the following options from the drop down menu below:

27.2mm, 400mm - 231 g
30.9mm, 300mm
30.9mm, 400mm - 220 g
31.6mm, 300mm
31.6mm, 400mm - 220 g
34.9mm, 480mm - 238 g

Syntace Post Shims:

34.9 to 30.9mm - 79 g
34.9 to 31.6mm - 43 g