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We offer warranty and non-warranty service for the Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14.  If you want to send your SPEEDHUB in for service, please note these instructions:

Note: It makes no difference to us whether the hub is shipped alone or inside a wheel.  If shipping a complete wheel, note that the commercial carriers charge oversized package fees for boxes that are much larger than most bicycle wheels.  A standard wheel box is your best bet and is often available from a local bike shop.  Otherwise, you can trim down a larger box to fit.  Plan to keep the dimensions of your box no larger than 27x27x7".  Please protect the axle ends to keep them from punching through the shipping box.

  1. Pack the hub carefully.
  2. Please no packing "peanuts." Use bubble wrap or newspaper.
  3. Include your name, return mailing address, phone number, email, as well as a description of the work you would like us to perform inside the box.
  4. Please include all parts that are normally connected to the hub.  In particular, the axle plate and sprocket must be installed in order for the hub to hold oil.  We will not return a hub without these items attached.  We have replacement parts available for purchase if needed.
  5. SPEEDHUB overhauls run $80 USD fixed labor rate.
  6. SPEEDHUB replacement seals and small parts typically run $30-$50 USD
  7. For warranty service, please also include proof of purchase for your hub.  Rohloff warranties the SPEEDHUB 500/14 for two years against any defects.  Outside of this window, please contact us to discuss options.

We also offer service and repair of Schlumpf units.  A complete tear down and rebuild runs $80.  Smaller jobs are billed hourly at our normal labor rate of $80/hour.  Please follow steps 1-3 above when shipping a Schlumpf unit to us.  

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