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Syntace FlatForce Stem


The First of a new Generation:
Long time coming: the Syntace Flatforce, the “missing link” for mountainbikes with the all new approx. 25mm bigger 650B (front) wheels we have all been waiting for, for years. And for the over 70mm larger 29” wheels for XL and XXL frame users. Especially when these bikes are equipped with forks of decent travel, instead of the 100-120mm forks typically found in this segment. With the new Syntace FlatForce your handlebar will remain in the same position you’ve been riding with when you convert to say 650B instead of having to put up with a now raised bar height.

Super lightweight:
Made of our high strength forgeable 7075 T7X alloy, the extremely low and first of its kind Syntace FlatForce stem made of a completely hollow construction weighs just 116g in a 66mm length. The FlatForce can be combined with bars of up to 800mm width, yet still providing a stiffness and strength usually found in stems of over 200g.

Newly developed and patent pending bar clamping mechanism: nothing protrudes, no bolt, clamps… nothing. But on the bottom the stiffness optimised Sabertooth jaw holds the bar with 100% reliability and leadership quality.

Syntace 200° head:
For gentle handlebar bedding with no surplus weight: higher handlebar strength, fatigue life and further improved steering precision.

Syntace VR-3 tested:
Worldwide the toughest handlebar and stem testing standard. Tested with bars of up to 800mm and possessing no use restrictions.

FlatForce stem includes, titan bolts, Litecap (w/o screw)

Select one of the following options from the drop down menu below:

44 mm - 111 g
55 mm - 119 g
66 mm - 129 g
77 mm - 138 g
88 mm - 153 g
99 mm - 163g
111 mm - 179 g

Headset Accessories:
MegaSpacer Kit- 16.4 g (2 x 10mm) for Liteville Frames
H.A.T. Spacer Kit 1 1/8" - 19.3 g (20, 10, 5mm)
Star Nut w/Alum Bolt - 10 g
LiteCap w/Alum Bolt - 7 g (w/o bolt)