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Supernova E3 Pro2, Pure, and Triple2 Headlights


High quality headlights from Supernova in Germany can be paired with Shutter Precision or Schmidt dynamo hubs for worry-free lighting. E3 Pro2 model is geared towards on-road use with one high-power, high-efficiency LED and beam pattern that is optimized for road use and meets German traffic laws. E3 Pure is the smallest, lightest option and geared towards lightweight road use. E3 Triple2 model is geared towards off road use with three high-power, high-efficiency LEDs and beam pattern that is optimized for trail riding at night.

Pro2 Features:
- Brightly glowing security side illumination!
- Terraflux 2 lens with improved beam!
- Multimount- version
- German traffic law approved!
- Beam pattern optimized for road use
- Single CREE LED with the highest efficiency
- Fully automatic stand light
- Rugged push-button switch on the back
- Aluminium housing Al 6061, anodized

Pure Features:

Smallest road legal dynamo light
- Terraflux2 lens! Optimized for day time running
- 5-minute stand light - also supplies the Tail Light!
- 205 lumens measured warm, at 25 km/h in a 26’’ wheel
- Aluminium matte black anodized
- 49 x 41 mm
- 90 g without bracket
- HSOP mount for fork crown / brake arch included!
- No switch, fully automated
- Cable length to dynamo: 600 mm, to rear light 1080 mm
- 5-year warranty

Triple3 Features:
- The brightest Supernova dynamo light – 40% brighter than its predecessor!
- Glowing SUPERNOVA-Logo provide side visibility
- 640 lumens measured warm, at 25 km/h in a 26’’ wheel
- Off-road racing light now with an even wider beam
- Three CREE XM-L2 LEDs!
- Highly efficient electronics with automatic engagement
- 2 LEDs from 12km/h
- Fully automatic 5 minute stand light
- Highly efficient new electronics with automatic LED control
- 40 x 40 x 65 mm, 130 g
- Aluminium housing Al 6061, polished black anodized
- Available with fork mount (multimount) or handlebar mount

Choose one of the following options from the drop down menu below:
- E3 Pro2 Black, Multimount
- E3 Pro2 Grey, Multimount
- E3 Pro2 Silver, Multimount

- E3 Pure3, Black, HSOP Mount

- E3 Triple2 Black, Multimount
- E3 Triple2 Grey, Multimount
- E3 Triple2 Black, Handlebar mount
- E3 Triple2 Grey, Handlebar mount