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Schmidt SON28 and SON Delux Dynamo Rim Brake Hubs


Schmidt hubs have been well proven over the past 20 years on daily commutes, global expeditions, and off road adventure as the gold standard for dynamos. SON28 model reaches full power at a lower speed and is recommended for bikes with larger wheels and/or tires. SON Delux is lighter but doesn't reach full power until higher speeds, so it is recommended for smaller wheels and tires or faster riding/racing situations.

Technical Data:
- Electric Power: 6V / 3W according to German government's road traffic regulations (StVZO)
- German Mark of Conformity: K 834 for 16" - 29"
- Efficiency: 65% at 15 km/h in 700c-wheel
- No-Load Power Input: 0.5/0.4W at 15 km/h in 700c-wheel (SON28/SON Delux)
- Magnets: Neodym iron boron, 26 poles
- Connection: 4,8 mm flat spades, 2-pin to connect without ground connection (special design without connectors)
- Axle: Hollow axle Ø 10 mm, strain-hardened stainless steel, (Center - Bearings: Deep groove ball bearing 629 2RSH (SKF)
- Hub Shell: Aluminium 6082 T6
- Colors: Silver polished, anodized silver, black or red
- Sealing: Alloy dust shields, rubber lip seals and pressure compensation system
- Spoke Drillings: 28, 32, or 36
- Weight: SON28 Center Lock: 430 g, SON Delux: 395g
- Warranty: 5 years

Complete wheels available upon request. Please contact us for further info. See other pages for compatible lights and USB chargers.

Choose one of the following options from the drop down menu below:

SON Delux 9x100mm Quick Release
- SON Delux Polished Silver, 20H
- SON Delux Polished Silver, 24H
- SON Delux Polished Silver, 28H
- SON Delux Polished Silver, 32H
- SON Delux Polished Silver, 36H

- SON Delux Anodized Silver, 32H
- SON Delux Anodized Silver, 36H

- SON Delux Anodized Black, 20H
- SON Delux Anodized Black, 24H
- SON Delux Anodized Black, 28H
- SON Delux Anodized Black, 32H
- SON Delux Anodized Black, 36H

- SON Delux Anodized Red, 32H

SON28 9x100mm Quick Release
- SON28 Polished Silver, 32H
- SON28 Polished Silver, 36H

- SON28 Anodized Silver, 32H
- SON28 Anodized Silver, 36H

- SON28 Anodized Black, 32H
- SON28 Anodized Black, 36H

- SON28 Anodized Red, 32H
- SON28 Anodized Red, 36H

SON28 Tandem 9x100mm Quick Release
- SON28 Tandem Anodized Silver, 40H
- SON28 Tandem Anodized Silver, 48H

- SON28 Tandem Anodized Black, 40H