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Schlumpf Tools & Lubricants


Tools for installation and maintenance of all Schlumpf drive unit models.

Choose one of the following options from the drop down menu below:

- Installation and Maintenance Tool Kit: Shift button spanner, 1.5mm allen bit, shifting shaft protective sleeve, 1/2" drive lockring installation socket
- Maintenance: Same as above without lockring socket
- 1.1 Nm torque screwdriver: Torque screwdriver with 1.5mm allen insert preset to 1.1Nm; makes it easy to install shift buttons
- Bottom bracket milling tool: Hand-operated cutting tool for cutting 45 degree chamfer into bottom bracket shell
- Drive unit grease, 5mL syringe

*** July 2017 - we are currently out of stock of Schlumpf tool kits. More are expected late by September ***

Coming Soon