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Lauf Grit Fork

Image of Lauf Grit Fork


Lauf's unique "softtail" forks combine the light weight and maintenance-free qualities of a rigid fork with the improved comfort of a traditional suspension fork. Carbon fiber body with impact resistant glass fiber leaf springs keep the weight down and durability high. Leaf springs are not affected by temperature or trail conditions. The low weight makes this an ideal cross country racing fork, and the lack of maintenance makes it a great choice for bikepacking or extended back country adventures.

The Lauf Grit is the perfect addition to any gravel or CX bike. It makes the bike more capable and more comfortable while remaining light and lightning fast. Make your next adventure the most fun one yet! Featuring superb small bump sensitivity, zero maintenance and a 5 year warranty.

Lauf Grit Specs

Weight: 900g (1.98lbs)
Travel: 30mm (1.18")
Wheels: 700c and 27.5"
Tire clearance: Up to 700x42c and 27.5x2.1"
Rake: 47mm*
A-C: 409mm* (with 6mm of sag accounted for)
Axle: 12x110mm and 15x100mm versions
Steerer: Tapered 1 1/8" - 1 1/4" (adapter for 1 1/2" incl. and for 1 3/8" available)
Brake mounts: Grit uses Flatmounts that are adapted for 20mm larger discs than standard Flatmounts. In order to use a 160mm disc, you should use a brake setup intended for 140mm discs (as we believe 140mm is too small for gravel/CX we pushed things up to 160mm minimum). If you have flatmount brakes you simply flip your (standard/included) brake adapter to the 140mm setting to work with 160mm discs. If you have postmount brakes you buy the 140mm version of the Flatmount to Postmount adapter in order to use 160mm discs.
Min. rotor: 160mm.
Max rider weight: 110kg (243lbs)

Choose one of the following options from the drop down menu below:
- 12mm axle
- 15mm axle