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Gates Carbon Drive Center Track Pulleys


Choose one of the following options from the drop down menu below:

Front Pulleys:

4-arm, 104mm BCD (Mtb standard)
- 39T x 104mm
- 42T x 104mm
- 46T x 104mm
- 50T x 104mm
- 55T x 104mm

5-arm, 130mm BCD (Road standard)
- 46T x 130mm
- 50T x 130mm
- 55T x 130mm
- 60T x 130mm
- 70T x 130mm

Rear Pulleys:

Threaded Rohloff-specific*
- 19T
- 20T
- 22T
- 24T

3-Lobe Shimano/SRAM/NuVinci/Sturmey-Archer IGH
- 22T
- 24T
- 26T

Threaded Fixed Gear
- 21T

Freewheel - Made in Collaboration with White Industries
- 22T

Strap Wrench for Gates Pulleys

* Note: Rohloff pulleys require an adapter piece to fit to the Speedhub. Please contact us for details on this adapter.