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Cinq5 Power Pack II


Smart Power Pack II
The Smart Power Pack II is the perfect addition for mobile cycling, globetrotters, and travellers. It is equally suitable for recharging your tablet computer, smart phones, or GPS devices. Additional smart features make it the perfect multi-purpose device for outdoor activities.

Flexible silicone attachment strap makes it easy to mount on handlebar, stem, or seat post, makes the Power Pack very universal and minimizing the „clutter“ on your cockpit. Without screws, cable ties or similar, it is removed in seconds if you need it off the bike.

OUTDOOR plus system with smart functions
- Useable as LED flashlight and therefore reduces your equipment while on the road
- Integrated backup bicycle rear light assures visibility in darkness
- Optical SOS flash-function enables you to send rescue signals in
an emergency situation
- LED light up to 3 days, with charged SPP / up to 3 hours, with uncharged SPP
- The rugged aluminum housing withstands external impacts as well as corrosion due to its anodized surface. The rubber cover protects it against water and humidity while traveling on the road.

Unique FLEXCHARGE system
- Three adjustable charging stages
- Charging while riding with a dynamo hub and The Plug USB charger; also at very low speeds (from 8 km/h)
- Fast-charging on a power outlet with a standard USB charger
- Acts as a buffer between a device and The Plug. This is great if you are using a power-hungry device that requires user input in stop-and-go traffic
- Latest generation rechargeable battery cells provide about 12 Wh power capacity which result in approximately 4 hours of discharging at USB specification
- Tough and splash-proof aluminum housing

Technical Specifications:

Weight 85 g
Length 95 mm
Diameter 30/25 mm
Capacity > 3000 mAh/approx. 12Wh
Output 5 V/1500 mA
Input Flexcharge 5 V 100 mA/450 mA/900 mA
Connector USB Micro Typ-B / USB Typ A

Choose Power Pack alone or "Power Bundle" with The Plug III from drop down menu below.