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Complete Rohloff Bikes

We can spec and build a complete bike with a Rohloff SPEEDHUB. We design bikes for use with all sizes of wheels, but most commonly 26-inch, 650B, 700c, 29-inch, and fat bike wheels. 

Please contact us to discuss the type of riding you wish to do and we will help build the bike that best suites your needs and budget.  Check out examples of builds we have done at our Monkey Lab blog:

Lead times vary from one week for a stock build to several months for a build with a custom frame.

In addition to other small custom builders, we often work with the following US frame builders:

  • Co-Motion (Steel Touring)
  • Independent Fabrication (Steel & Titanium Road, Cyclocross, Commuting, Touring, and Mountain)
  • Lynskey (Titanium Road, Cyclocross, Commuting, Touring, and Mountain)
  • Ventana (Aluminum Mountain)

We offer value-oriented complete Rohloff bikes using frames from the following brands:

  • Spot Brand
  • Surly
  • Soma
  • Thorn